We at the IRC would not be able to do the work that we do without the help of our sponsors. The accomplishments and successes of the IRC are possible through the underwriting and generosity of these organizations, without whom the great strides that we have made would not have been achieved. We are incredibly grateful for their support and partnership in our quest to relieve the suffering caused by CRPS.

  • Online Casinos: Our partners in the online casino industry have provided a great deal of support to our organization, and we would not be able to accomplish as much as we do without their partnership. Their funding of our research programs and outreach initiatives have allowed us to make great strides in understanding and treating this affliction, and has helped us to reach more people who suffer from CRPS.
  • LeoVegas: we would like to thank LeoVegas for all of their efforts in helping IRC make great progress in our understanding and treatment of CRPS. Our joint efforts have been quite successful and we would like to recognize their generosity and dedication to finding a cure for this rare syndrome.
  • MrGreen: without the help of MrGreen, our work here at the IRC would not be as successful or encompassing as we have experienced to date. Please join us in thanking them for their support and partnership.
  • BGO: the successes of the IRC are due in large part to our partnership with organizations like BGO, without whom our progress would not have been possible.
  • Casumo: please join us in our acknowledgment and thanks to our partners at Casumo for all of their support, without their generosity our programs would not enjoy the success that they do. We appreciate their underwriting and financial support of our research programs.
  • Oanda: Our newest sponsor has been active in the online financial industry for a very long time now. Oanda is a trading platform that even offers an oanda currency converter on their website. Without your financial help our work would not have been as good as it is today. For that, we, and in that I include the whole team at IRC owe you the utmost gratitude.